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Lead generation for a global encryption and cryptographic security company

nCipher is  is a  global player  providing security for some of the most well known companies. We were tasked by them to develop a series of landing pages to drive interest in their solution sets. We concepted, wrote the content and developed all of the assets for each campaign – not an easy task when faced with the complexities of this sector. We dove in and quickly learned the basics and started immediately developing the landing pages. Each landing page was it's own campaign, focusing on a different aspect of security. Some of the assets besides the landing pages we developed were, infographics, executive overview, iconography, emails and the deliverables the user could download. We worked in concert with the US and UK units of nCipher to complete the campaigns.

Landing page for or 2019 Encryption Trends Study lead-gen campaign 


More of the landing page and icons created


Infographic created


Landing page for PKI Campaign


PKI Executive brief and email


eIDAS campaign landing page

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