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Branding a parent company to create value for sub-brands

Karisma had a problem. They had three different property brands underneath the Karisma umbrella, but no one was aware of the parent brand or what it stood for. We developed a plan to rectify this while driving traffic to the sub-brands. This included a logo redesign, brand positioning and a holistic marketing concept to be rolled out from online to offline and across all the properties. “Get you KARISMA on” defined the Karisma brand, supported the other brands with the umbrella messaging, while also clarifying the brand's heiarchy.

Logo redesign

Gorgeous brand ads introducing the concept

Banner ads

New Karisma website with sections highlighting each sub brand

Facebook consumer contest

Karisma "Welcome Book" at each property sets the tone for guests

"Karisma" Tour Van to visit various cities and take photos of people getting their "Karisma" on and post to our Facebook page

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