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Launching and branding a new new financial services company

Blueprint Regulatory was a startup and needed a complete branding effort. As a company that helps the financial services industry stay in compliance with Federal financial regulations, it was important the brand convey strength and stability. Their name stems from the fact that they literally create a "blueprint" for each client that insures they stay in compliance. We designed a conservative logo that plays off the name and resembles a blueprint. We followed the logo design  with a strong and visually powerful website. The home page is anchored by a video clip that begins with the Freedom Tower in New York City and ends with a stock ticker scrolling by. Unique and little larger than life, the website immediately establishes a sense of size and credibility to the firm. We also wrote, designed and produced a corporate brochure and pocket folder as additional marketing support.

Logo design and development

Responsive website designed and developed

A 6-page capabilities brochure 

Pocket folder designed and developed

Power Point templates designed

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