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Branding a unique upscale urban community in Boston

University Park is a hip, urban, real estate development in Boston. Comprised of four different buildings, including one that was an old bakery, the developers were able to create a community feel among the four very different and unique residences. The task was to introduce and brand the property and highlight the differences among residences, while creating an overall vibe that resonated with consumers. It was a blank canvas on which to apply a visual and cultural sensibility. The client loved the direction we took and University Park has since become a landmark residence in Boston. Another story, well crafted and  well told.

The story begins

The University Park logo font

The individual residence logos

The combined logo lock-up

The master brand University Park logo

The photography captured the uniqueness of each property

We developed visually striking sales brochures that were uniquely University Park

The bold, brash photography helped create striking images and concepts

The brochures were like modern art pieces; conceptual, and thought provoking

Each piece of collateral was bold and hip

We asked: "What happens when the place you live fits you personality?"

Why it "feels like home". And one of these fabulous residences would fit yours, we answered

We developed a memorable identity package

Modern, iconography that played off the residence logos was developed

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