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Iced teas and lemonades born in Brooklyn. Fuh-getta-bout-it!

Brooklyn Best was a small boutique beverage manufacturer in Brooklyn, NYC. They had a name, and the formulas for their iced teas and lemonades. What they didn't have was a logo, website and brand. Beside their delicious flavors, their beverages were noted for their "just right sweetness". Sweet, but not too sweet they wouldn't really appeal to teens or tweens. As a result we positioned the brand  towards adults and more specifically millennials. We designed a slightly retro logo, that managed to still feel contemporary and designed a website that was fun, colorful and definitely Brooklynesque (is that even a word)? We followed this up with wild postings in and around Brooklyn, subway posters and social media posts. The goal was to support local sales initiatives to get placement in smaller Mom and Pop stores around various Brooklyn neighborhoods. It was a local grass roots effort to establish a foundationg for the brand to grow from. The roll-out is about to go live any day.

Packaging and website design


Website design


Subway posters and wild postings


Social media

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