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Capturing the spirit of a totally unique golf destination

Our engagement with Streamsong began while the property was still two years from completion. Streamsong® Resort was to be a completely unique and awe-inspiring destination. Striking land forms, in a vast natural landscape that literally took your breath away when experienced. Located in Central Florida, it looked anything like Florida. In launching the property it was key to capture the essence and spirit of the place. Words were key, and we chose ours carefully to describe a place that really needed to be experienced first-hand to be fully appreciated. These carefully chosen words led to a story, that in conjunction with stunning photography began a narrative golfers were drawn to. Eventually leading to print ads, digital media, social media, direct response and a web site, Streamsong rose to national fame among golfers in 18 months and exceeded all expectations.

The story begins

Print ads lay the groundwork in major golf publications

A dazzling website continues the story and offers up the details 

Fun, seasonal print ads for the northeast and local market entice with package offers

Aspirational emails continue to portray a destination that is truly unique

Copy reads like a good novel

Emails directed to meeting planners paint a vivid picture of a unique destination

A dedicated meeting planner website is visually and thematically inspired

Print collateral is beautiful and substantial

The photography can only be described as awe-inspiring

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