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The introduction of multiple line extensions force a brand overhaul

CGI Impact Windows and Doors produced a single product for years: high-end impact windows. They realized they would need to diversify with less expensive line extensions to compete (a good, better, best). They also realized they’d need help with the naming, brand architecture and marketing support of these new products. Engaging us, we helped them in all phases of the line extensions. We created and tested naming, logo designs, developed a brand architecture and launched the products with a new website, advertising – both online and offline, as well as collateral materials and point of purchase. So successful was the whole initiative that it resulted in CGI being purchased by PGT Windows.

The brand architecture and logos we developed for the new products

Designed and developed a new website to showcase the products and the rebranding

Designed and produced  beautiful, engaging collateral materials for the high end collection

Collateral for the value brand 

Brochure for a new entrance door collection

Created brand ads to introduce the new collections to architects and builders

Supported all with point of purchase materials

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