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Travelpro International

Making a brand relevant again

Travelpro® was a brand that had lost its luster. Designed by a pilot back in 1983, it was the first luggage that rolled upright, essentially inventing a new form of luggage. Pilots and flight crews gravitated to the brand because of its durability and unique features, but as rolling upright luggage became the norm, the Travelpro® brand failed to gain wide traction with consumers. Competitors, (Samsonite, American Tourister) outspent them by enormous margins. For years and years the brand languished in obscurity as a small “bit” player. Finally, we were tasked with re-establishing them in the marketplace. We developed a strategy that began with the biggest endorsement they could have, namely, that it was the choice of flight crews and loved by "road warriors". Still dwarfed by the huge budgets of competitors, we conducted research to establish our customer base then launched a tactical plan to reach them as efficiently as possible. The brand has seen a wide resurgence in sales, and is now a relevant competitor to the huge industry leader Samsonite.

Brand ads in Delta Sky re-established the flight crew heritage

Banner ads ran on relevant sites as part of a retargeting effort

Brand ads were followed up with product specific ads for the top two collections

Copy spoke to "road warriors" with product specific benefits

A retargeting campaign of banner ads ran jointly with the print ads

We launched the National Geographic collection with irreverent ads

We drove traffic to their Outlet Store with emails to targeted lists

Brochure for a new entrance door collection

We created consumer sweepstakes and contests to drive social engagement

Redesigned all hangtags on luggage to be more contemporary and informational

We partnered with major Hollywood films to promote social engagement

Even the ads for trade shows were creative and unique

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